they/them. Irish artist based between Glasgow and Donegal. I make vocal soundscapes, animated films, and angsty drawings. Through an embodied research practice, I focus on schisms and transitions between language and the body. Fandom, story telling and processes of translation (time/ material/ oral) are important considerations in this process. currently developing a new film project ‘Daddy’s Boy’ on gender, legacy and T-Rex. virgo sun cancer moon scorpio riiiising.

2020 Visual Arts Bursary recipient from Arts Council of Ireland, 2020 Research Associate with Centre of Contemporary Art Derry, Graduate Resident at Hospitalfield 2019, selected for Platform: 2018, the emerging artist commission for Edinburgh Art Festival.

Upcoming screening with Folkestone Triennial with HOP Projects, UK, (june 2020), solo exhbitions at Lunchtime, Glasgow (2020) and Intermedia Gallery CCA Glasgow (2021).

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Daddy’s Boy is an upcoming research and moving image project that will be undertaken as part of my Research Associate position with the Centre of Contemporary Art Derry. Daddy’s Boy takes its title from a photograph by Photographer and Photojournalist Phyllis Christopher from the first Lesbian Erotica magazine published in the USA ‘On Our Backs’ (1984 – 2006).

‘Daddy’s Boy’ research image, Jurassic Park (1993), film still, directed by Steven Spielberg


Sacred Disease (2019) is a two colour animation with voice-over essay. This voiceover, written and performed by Browne, is an exploration of language and its power when consumed by the performance of romantic partnership. Through a feminist epistemological lens, an episode of T.V series Sex and the City is examined next to the mythological love story of Acontius and Cydippe from the Roman poet Ovid’s book ‘The Heroides/Letters of Heroines’ (5CE). Browne’s own personal testimony weaves through the storytelling, which positions the digestive system, one of inputs, processes, and outputs as a symbol for the effects of romantic fantasy.  

Full duration: 20 minutes – email me 4 that link.

Renee 2.jpg
‘Sacred Disease’ Glasgow School of Art 2019 MFA Degree Show, projected HD voice-over video. Photo: Jack McCombe


A Wall or Bridge Disappears Abruptly at the Hinge (2019) is a writing experiment focused on ‘Le Destin’, a folding screen made in 1913, and its maker, Irish architect and designer, Eileen Gray (1878-1976). What follows are a set of encounters by the author on both Le Destin and Gray that are written as embodied personal responses. Akin to a train of thought, they meander in different directions, some in the form of fragments and others as longer considerations. Each one varies in approach, ranging from analysis, anecdote, fiction and fact. Some focus points include portraiture, a calf muscle, and the history of folding screens, along with thoughts on privacy, domesticity and support. These are considered in an effort to get close to Gray through Le Destin.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 16.15.27
A Wall or Bridge Disappears Abruptly at the Hinge digital cover



Deboned Voices (2018) is a five-part sound installation commissioned by the Edinburgh Art Festival for Platform: 2018 at City Arts Centre examining power structures related to accent.

Detail of ‘Deboned Voices’ City Arts Centre, Edinburgh Art Festival 2018


Love Song to Drake (2018)is a vocal soundscape about the Hip Hop artist Drake. Through the deconstruction of Drake’s lyrical aesthetic Browne considers emotional manipulation by the artist in his music through the ear.

Love Song to Drake_interim installationview
‘Love Song to Drake’ MFA Interim Show, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 19.40.15
Research still, hands + carved soap ear (2018)

Four Scores for the Ear (2018) are four vocal soundscape experiments developed for ‘Sound In Exile’ a curated programme by Jane Deasy on Dublin Digital Radio.